ROBOSOFT WORKSHOP 2023: Additive Manufacturing and Novel Fabrication Techniques of Small-Scale Soft Robotics

Workshop date: April 3, 2023

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Inspired by biological organisms, soft robots require sophisticated combinations of soft materials and actuators on a small footprint to achieve autonomous operation. The fabrication limitations and design principles are even more challenging for small-scale soft robots (<5 cm, <5 g). These constraints have driven the research effort toward the development of advanced manufacturing techniques that enable integrated design strategies and multiple functionalities, such as micro-molding, lithography, or additive manufacturing. Among these techniques, additive manufacturing has attracted significant attention due to the possibility of processing a wide range of materials through an extensive range of techniques (from voxel-based to extrusion-based 3D printing). With recent advances reported in these manufacturing techniques, the fabrication of smart devices exhibiting advanced functionalities and complex architectures has been demonstrated. Such capabilities have a significant potential for fabricating soft robots, including small-scale robots. By bringing together experts in materials science and soft robotics, this workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers of diverse backgrounds to discuss current challenges and trends on manufacturing in soft robotics.

This event will be held hybrid.

People attending RoboSoft 2023 Physically at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, can follow the workshop onsite. Please note that attendees on-site need to be registered for RoboSoft 2023.

To follow the workshop online, please register via the link.

Keynote speakers

Tentative schedule

8:30-8:40Welcome from the organizers
8:40-9:00Ali Sadeghi 3D Weaving/Printing of Soft Robotic Systems
9:00-9:10Elgar KanhereExtrusion-based additive manufacturing for the fabrication of soft robots
9:10-9:30Itai CohenElectronically Integrated Autonomous Microscopic Robots
9:30-9:40Yoonho Kim Magnetic Soft Continuum Robots for Telerobotic Stroke Intervention
9:40-10:00Rob ScharffAdditive manufacturing of soft robots with proprioceptive and tactile sensors
10:15-10:35Ritu Raman Biofabrication of neuromuscular actuators for robotics
10:35-10:55Theo CalaisExtrusion-based additive manufacturing of soft robots
10:55-11:15Mahdi Bodaghi3D and 4D printing of smart materials for soft robotics
11:15-11:35Ryan Truby 3D Printing Soft Robots that are Physically and Computationally Intelligent
11:35-11:55Panel discussion
11:55-12:00Closing remarks from the organizers
12:00-12:30Poster session

We also invite you to attend our workshop in the afternoon session:

When Soft Robots get small


  • Theo Calais – Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • Francesca Furia – Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Ellen Roels – Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Edoardo Milana – University of Freiburg