Management board

1 Bram VANDERBORGHT M VUB-R&MM SMART coordinator and WP6 leader
2 Fumiya IIDA M UCAM WP3 leader and Dissemination manager
3 Cecilia LASCHI F SSSA WP4 leader, deputy coordinator and Training manager
4 Maarja KRUUSMAA F TalTech WP2 leader and Future project manager
5 Guy VAN ASSCHE M VUB-FYSC Data management leader
6 Bilge BAYTEKIN F BUCHEM Diversity manager
7 Frank CLEMENS M EMPA Career manager
8 Donna OPRIS F EMPA Summerschool manager
9 Sandra Schlögl F PCCL WP1 and Recruitment manager
10 Tonny BOSMAN M SUPRA WP5 and Exploitation manager

Supervisory board

ESR # Supervisor  Co-supervisor (academic) Co-supervisor (non-academic)
ESR 1 Bram Vanderborght (robotics) Frank Clemens (materials) Tom Coen (robotics)
ESR 2 Bram Vanderborght (robotics) Sandra Schlögl (materials) Daniel Brauchle (robotics)
ESR 3 Fumiya IIda (robotics) Dorina Opris (materials) Gurvinder Virk (robotics)
ESR 4 Fumiya IIda (robotics) Guy Van Assche (materials) Gurvinder Virk (robotics)
ESR 5 Cecilia Laschi (robotics) Guy Van Assche (materials) Giancarlo Teti (robotics)
ESR 6 Cecilia Laschi (robotics) Bilge Baytekin (materials) Francesco Ciardelli (robotics)
ESR 7 Maarja Kruusma (robotics) Bilge Baytekin (materials) Rich Walker (robotics)
ESR 8 Guy Van Assche (materials) Fumiya IIda (robotics) Myrian Vanneste (materials)
ESR 9 Guy Van Assche (materials) Cecilia Laschi (robotics) Tonny Bosman (materials)
ESR 10 Bilge Baytekin (materials) Cecilia Laschi (robotics) Tonny Bosman (materials)
ESR 11 Frank Clemens (materials) Thomas Graule (TU Bergakademie Freiberg) Fumiya IIda (robotics) Daniel Haefliger (materials)
ESR 12 Dorina Opris (materials) Frank Nüesch (EMPA-EPFL) Maarja Kruusma (robotics) Gabor Kovacs (materials)
ESR 13 Sandra Schlögl Wolfgang Kern (Montanuniversitaet Leoben) Bram Vanderborght (robotics) Armin Holzner (materials)
ESR 14 Sandra Schlögl Wolfgang Kern (Montanuniversitaet Leoben) Maarja Kruusma (robotics) Josef Spreitz (materials)
ESR 15 Tonny Bosman (materials) Guy Van Assche (materials) Bram Vanderborght (robotics)